Launched in 2005 by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) and Getz Bros. & Co. (Singapore), the Prize has drawn entries from more than 10 countries within Asia, including Japan, India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore.


Carved in the centre of the gold-plated pewter medallion, the official logo of the Prize exhibits the six ascending steps of an architect's passion and desire to excel. Portraying the aspiration of Asian architecture, the layers resemble the silhouette of Asian and modernist roof-tops. Gold is used to represent the richness and vibrancy of Asian culture and architecture while the names of the bodies behind the Prize frames the medallion. The title 'Emergent Architect in Asia' is imprinted on the reverse of the medallion, alongside the name of the Laureate. Lastly, attached gracefully to the medallion is a red and blue ribbon which denotes the corporate colors of the SIA and Getz Bros. respectively.

The Prize will comprise:

  • Cash prize of US$20,000.
  • Specially designed medallion.
  • Specially produced monograph on the winner's body of work.


  • To honour an architect who has contributed significantly to the progress of architecture in Asia.
  • To accord recognition and promote emergent architects.


  • To provide greater recognition of 'Emergent' Asian architects and architecture.
  • To increase public involvement and appreciation of Asian architecture.
  • To encourage future generations of Asian architects.
  • To honour a living architect and to recognize a career in progress.

Definition of 'Emergent'

Asian architects and architecture that are:

  • Responsive to new developments in current affairs, economy, culture and society.
  • Original in vision.
  • Contributing significantly to the advancement of architecture in Asia.