Laureate Photo

2014 Co-Laureates

Sonali & Manit Rastogi

Founding Directors of Morphogenesis


The joint award was given to Sonali and Manit Rastogi based on their consistent development of an architectural language which is rich in context, social content and is climatically sensitive.

As evident through their portfolio, their work places much focus on culture, climate, social and economic conditions. They believe that the fundamentals of architecture is much more important than following trends blindly. The jury were very impressed by the quality they were able to achieve and produce despite the immense constraint faced in India.

It is refreshing to witness a genuine attempt by the architect to both reinterpret India’s modern architecture roots, passive architecture solutions and also reflect architect’s aspirations in achieving a contemporary language. Such language of architecture is not based on simplistic borrowing of international language but is instead found through an intimate understanding of the context and culture of the projects.

The jury appreciates the often challenging constraints of practice in India and the architect has the onerous task of being creative and cost-conscious. In addition, quality of workmanship and construction capabilities often handicap great creations. Sonali and Manit were able to execute their works with competence to maintain the consistent application of their philosophy and yet deliver eye-catching results.

Sonali and Manit Rastogi’s works are lifting and put India’s architecture on the map. The jury felt that their works will be an inspiration to not only young Indian Architects but also other Asian Architects.

(Extracted from Citation)