Laureate Photo

2016 Laureate

Hoang Thuc Hao

Founder & Chief Achitect of 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC


Large areas of Asia remain to be developed. Urbanisation carries huge economic potential, with the ability to elevate the conditions of the population. However, urbanisation brings other concerns such as overcrowding, environmental impact and economic disparity. The future of Asian architecture lies in sustainable and responsible development.

While focus on how to build in a sustainable manner is needed, there must also be emphasis on the rural communities. Migration to newly urbanised cities is not the only model as there can be gradual growth and improvement of the countryside as well. The planet should not only be sustainable but also resilient and inclusive. Formal architecture must also serve the underprivileged and facilitate the advancement of remote or rural society.

Mr Hoang Thuc Hao, specifically with his work in rural communities, highlights the role that architects can play in such contexts. By understanding and adapting to local conditions, he has achieved a remarkable degree of architectural innovation. As part of the process, villagers are involved and thus empowered in the improvement of their environment. Mr Hoang goes beyond building sustainability in that he also addresses cultural sustainability in his works, an aspect often neglected in developing economies.

The work of Mr Hoang Thuc Hoa is a great example of how architecture can be contextual and yet liberating for the underprivileged. The architecture and space brings happiness and inspiration to people who interact within it. His projects hold immense promise for further innovation and creativity.

(Extracted from Citation)