The countdown is on as we look forward to 11th November and the unveiling of Asia's Emergent Architect 2016.
In the upcoming month ahead, we will take a look at some of the nominees for this year.

Andrew Bromberg

Mr Andrew Bromberg



"I have known and worked with Andrew Bromberg for over 12 years. In my 37-year architect life in London and Asia, he is the most accomplished and gifted designer I have ever met and I am most pleased to nominate him to this prestigious award.

Andrew Bromberg is keen to explore and improve the relationships between human beings and the nature. He values human sustainability and sees it as an extension of public realm and a key element to the success of a building. Central to his works are always a strong civic dimension which is a true aspiration to make positive contributions to the world that electrify the surroundings. He is strong at thoughtfully reconceptualising the notion of public space in social, architectural and experiential terms. Without compromising the altruistic and unconventional qualities, Bromberg’s projects are always optimised to ensure viability."

(Extracted from Citation)