The countdown is on as we look forward to 11th November and the unveiling of Asia's Emergent Architect 2016.
In the upcoming month ahead, we will take a look at some of the nominees for this year.

Ang Boo Chung & Ang Wen Hsia

Mr Ang Boo Chung & Ang Wen Hsia



"Nothing was left to chance in the architectural works of WHBC Architects. There is always a story to unfurl in their architecture. One house is a narrative of a tropical box hovering above a jungle. Another has a plot about collecting durians with the roof.

The telegraph pole house conveys a metamorphosis of a humble utility into an exquisite dwelling. Even at the level of building details and selection of materials, they celebrate making, craftsmanship, materiality and tectonics. As such one's journey and discovery through their buildings are carefully and thoughtfully choreographed experiential encounters. Serendipity ironically exists in their works when the architects create incomplete architectural moments waiting patiently for nature and weather to fulfil the poetics of time.

WHBC Architects is an exemplary practice. They work with and harvest the potentials of clientele, context, climate and culture. They engage innovatively with experimentation and exploration of materials. Sometimes it is a witty performance, transforming an ordinary wok into a sophisticated light fitting. At a larger scale of operation, scaffoldings were elevated into a village amenity to serve the indigenous people. There are times when it is like alchemy, for instance the conversion of a banal brick into light and delicate infill for a dividing screen or a lamp shade. This is a young, promising and inspiring architectural practice, capable of pushing new boundaries and growing more game-changing ideas."

(Extracted from Citation)